Zinc Oxide Tape

Zinc Oxide is also known as Strapping Tape or Sports Tape because it is widely used to prevent sports injuries and soft tissue damage, protect wounds, and help cuts heal faster. It can also support muscles to stabilize injured ligaments.

It is usually made from non-stretch cotton or rayon with a Zinc Oxide adhesive.


Main Uses

Cotton substrate, Good air and water vapor permeability

Zinc oxide adhesive, latex free, Hypoallergenic

Strong and reliable adhesion

Easy hand tear both lengthwise and widthwise

Leaves no adhesive residue on the skin

Zinc Oxide will remain intact when worn for a long period of time, and tolerates moisture, even in humid environments.

The manufacturing process is totally based on worldwide standards also the amount of ZnO used in this product is appropriate.

This tape is one of the best medical tapes ever made. HYNAUT has achieved FDA from USA and ISO 13485 and CE from TUV.

Datis Darman Tadbir is the exclusive distributor of HYNAUT tape in Iran.

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