Intravenous cannulation

I.V. Cannula

An I.V Cannula is a butterfly injection device. The device has a narrow tube for entering the vein, which contains a needle that is used to pierce body tissue. After piercing the body tissue and entering the vein, the needle is removed and only the catheter tube remains in the vein. As a result, if the patient bends his arm, his arteries will not rupture and the patient will feel more comfortable.

The I.V Cannula has two inputs, one input from the back and one input from above. The back is for connecting the serum, which has two types of connections; one type of luer slip and one type of luer lock.

Generally, I.V Cannula can be used for three days after each injection. I.V Cannulas have different colors that demonstrate their gauge and needle diameter. Each gauge shows accuracy of the flow. The higher the gauge is, the more accurate is the I.V Cannula.

Different gauges are available based on different usages

What which is important about I.V Cannula is the volume flow volume. According to their gauge, we understand the flow rate. Blue I.V Cannula’s flow rate is about 36 ml/min while the gray I.V Cannula has 196ml/min flow rate. The difference will be shown in cases who have high rate of excretion and urine. Therefore, for such patients we medical staff cannot use blue I.V Cannula since it has low flow rate and its better if they use gray I.V Cannula which has got high flow rate.

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