Infusion set

Infusions set is one of the most important items of infusion therapy. It is used to intravascular injection of liquid. Those patients with heart failure, kidney failure and diabetes and generally all those who need serum can use this item based on doctors prescription.

Luer Lock- Gravity feed only

Infusion set parts

Infusion set has 3 main parts: drop chamber which is located under the liquid serum and transfers liquid into the tube. Roller clamp which controls the liquid flux through the tube and doctors and nurses can increase and decrease the speed of liquid. Finally, injection port which is used to insert drugs through it and mix it with serum liquid.

More details are demonstrated in this picture.

Generally, infusion set  works  by the help of gravity. The instruction starts with insertion of spear into the serum. After that it starts dripping into the chamber. Thenward, the number of drops can be calculated and we can figure out that how much of drug is used in time scale.

To set this quantity, we can use the flow regulator. Also the part which is is connected to the needle is known as the luer lock connection.

Concerning those drops which can be numbered while dripping into the chamber, something known as drop factor is defined. It tells you the number of drops in  each cc. For simple infusion sets the drop factor is defined as 20.

It means that every 1 cc contains 20drops.

The important point on using infusion set is that when you start the injection process, you should consider that the serum would be evacuated and the injection would be stopped. To solve this problem nurses put a needle on the top up the serum to inject air into the serum. This is a traditional wrong way because it leads the bacteria into the serum and drug. To solve this issue our infusion sets producer  has put an air vent on the chamber.

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