Medical PE Tape

PE tape is a hypoallergenic, translucent, surgical tape that offers strong adhesion for multiple purposes. PE tape is easy to tear into strips and can be used whilst wearing gloves.


Main Uses

Fragile skin

General securement of tubing and devices

Moist skin conditions

Surgical dressings and drapes

Securement of critical tubing

Sizes 1.25cm x 9m and 2.5cm x 9m

It is commonly used for securing medical tubing and dressings that need a stronger hold. This medical tape allows moisture to evaporate away from the skin while remaining breathable. It is usually made from non-stretch transparent polyethylene film.

This tape is one of the best medical tapes ever made. HYNAUT has achieved FDA from USA and ISO 13485 and CE from TUV.

Datis Darman Tadbir is the exclusive distributor of this brand in Iran.

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