Medical Glove

Latex Examination Glove

Once we hear the name of latex, the first thing that rings the bell is naturality. It has been for decades that latex is being used in medicine, also it carries different benefits like being chemical free, disposable and economical. In addition, it has the least impact on tactile sensation .


Made from best materials

Briefly, latex is a milky fluid that contains rubber hydrocarbon along with other substances such as proteins, carbohydrates, water or sugar – when it hardens, it can become extremely stretchable and durable.

Doctors use latex to avoid germ transmission, also those experts who work in labs can use this glove help not to touch chemical materials.

The most important   features of latex glove:

Natural stretchability  of latex glove helps not to reduce the tactile sensation, being comfortable and a great defensive line against germs.

The gloves are available either in powdered or non-powdered form – powdered gloves make it easier to put the gloves on and to take them off, although it may create allergy in some cases. The ultimate purpose of the glove is to provide superior manual dexterity. Powdered gloves are dipped in cornstarch, as it is non-irritant, pure, highly absorbable and it does not affect the glove quality in any way. Nonetheless, powder-free gloves tend to be slightly more expensive as the manufacturing process is more complex if they do not have a cornstarch coating.

Most gloves are non-chlorinated, unpowered, they have reduced proteins for extra control, and stretchability, as the chlorination process is known to affect the stretch characteristics of the gloves

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