Medical Gloves

Vinyl Examination Glove

Medical gloves are made from different materials. Using chemical materials to make gloves has risen instead of using natural materials like latex. One of the most popular of those materials is vinyl, which is known as PVC too. Although there are some same features in comparison between latex and vinyl glove, there are some main differences too.


Made from best materials

Generally, PVC is known as a material, which is so powerful against chemical and natural materials. Moreover, its elasticity and flexibility can be very good. These features can make Vinyl gloves to be a perfect choice for medical purposes.

If the doctor or nurse or the chemist wants to work with acidic substances, the vinyl glove would be a great defense line for hands. The vinyl gloves are made in both powdered and powdered free styles.

Finally, we can state that the vinyl gloves are great choice in the market in comparison between other gloves as it is economical and useful.

Datis Darman Tadbir Company as the distributor of INTCO Company, sells and distributes Vinyl Gloves by the brand TOUCHFLEX.

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