Medical gloves

Surgical Latex Glove

Surgical gloves are disposable personal protection equipment – they are widely used for medical procedures to prevent contamination between doctor and patient. Generally speaking, unpowdered gloves are widely used in cleanrooms where everything is sterile and the environment is similar to the one of a regular medical environment

.In addition to surgeons, the dentists and those people who have sensitive jobs can use these gloves



The quality of surgical glove is really important both for patients and doctors. Unlike the examination gloves. The surgical gloves must be sterile. This means that all the time that the gloves are in their package, they are free from any .microorganisms and germs. This sterility is normally caused by gamma radiation

:Surgical gloves have different sizing in comparison with examination gloves

The Food and Drug Administration, which has also launched several quality standards for glove manufacturers, approve surgical gloves. All of them must be carefully inspected and sterilized prior to sealing them in packages. Sterilizing the gloves .is of paramount importance, as they will be used in the operating room

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