About us

Founded in 2013, Datis Darman Tadbir has focused on development of the health level of community. We are constantly expanding our portfolio of manufacturers and areas of activities with the help of young professional staff.

We are a young and promising company that always seeks to provide the best services and products to hospitals and medical centers.

We import and market health and medical equipment and consumables for hospitals and clinics.

We are known for most private and public hospitals in Iran and we have a strong network of sales experts in Tehran and various cities in Iran.

We build our reputation on reliability, business ethics and outstanding performance.

Who are we?

Everything that Datis Darman Tadbir does is aimed at achieving the highest quality in meeting the needs of patients.

Datis DarmanTadbir is proud to process and deliver all customer orders within 2 working days (or less in case of emergency).

We are constantly improving the quality of our products according to the opinions and suggestions of medical staff, and we offer products which fit the market in accordance with the standards of the world day.

Our vision

Introducing and supporting innovative treatments to replace them with traditional methods.
Searching the latest treatment methods and related equipment.
Supporting the clinical researches and trials at research centers.
Holding seminars, workshops and specialized trainings inside and outside the country.

The last word

The purpose and mission of Datis Darman Tadbir is improving the quality of medical equipment in our beloved country of Iran.
Datis Tadbir Tadbir has always placed quality at the forefront of its ethics and hopes to do its job as well as possible in order to increase the health level of the community.
Following that, all our products are CE certified and they hold ISO 13485 and mostly FDA approved.