Measured volume set

Burette set

One of the other products of our infusion basket, is Burette set. Burette set basically works like Infusion set,but it has some extra parts which make it more special and help you to inject different drugs into humans body’s vein.

Details specification

Parts of Burette set

The most important part of burette set is the “burette” which is made in milliliter scale. Mostly you can find the burettes in 100ml,110ml and 150ml. In addition, the burette set has a Y injection port that helps doctors and medical practitioners to connect two or more burette set to each other. This will help them to use more drugs for patients.

More information

Burette set

The burette set has an elastic port which can recovery and rebuild it self after being injected by ampule. In some cases, its needed to inject a drug while the burette set is connected to the patient.

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