Scalp vein

Scalp vein is a tool for intravenous injection or phlebotomy. Its main use is to keep the arteries open. Of course, according to the different gauges that it has, different types can be used for different ages. In general, the younger the person, the smaller the diameter of the needle should be used. Like the IV cannula, the scalp vein gauge can be distinguished by its color.

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The scalp has several uses. For example, it can be used for chemotherapy, blood collection, antibiotic injections, serum injections and painkillers.

Scalp vein is commonly used for people with muscle weakness, such as infants and children, the elderly, and those with sensitive arteries for any reason, such as chemotherapy.

Because the scalp needle is thinner than the angiocatheter needle, it can be placed more accurately on the arteries. Doctors use a scalp vein when there is a need for a rapid effect or if the dose is so high that it cannot be taken orally.

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